2018/19 Fitzroy Harbour Community Association Volunteers & Staff

Executive Board:

Karen Taylor, President
Mark D’Arcy, Treasurer
Monique Findlay, Secretary
Adam Brown
Sarah Wilson
Leigh Ann Kyte
Sean Ovington
Tricia Peever
Colin Ovington
Fred Gillard
Kelly Roper

Sports Programs:

Adult Soccer – Gwyn Williams
Ball Diamond Scheduling – Adam Brown
Ladies’ Softball League – Jody Brenton, Chelsea Dykens
Men’s Competitive Fastball Team – Adam Brown
Men’s Fastball League – Brendan Coker & Mitchell Taylor
Minor Softball – Adam Brown
Outdoor Hockey League (Youth) – Robert Roesler
Outdoor Rink Scheduling – Leigh Ann Kyte
Soccer Field Scheduling & Youth Soccer Liaison – Neil Findlay

Community Events & Social Activities:

Carpet Bowling / Shuffleboard – Seniors Club
Children’s Christmas Party – Brittany Droeske
Christmas Craft Fair – Vivian Proulx & Lynne Barr
Clean Up Day – Tricia Peever
Family Halloween Party – Anna Hutchinson and Kim Heidt
Harbour Days – FHCA Committee
Kids’ Summer Camp – Mark D’Arcy
New Year’s Eve Dance – Karen Taylor
Seniors Club – Dave Rockburne
Spring Fling – Karen Taylor
Winter Carnival – FHCA Executive
Winter Trivia Contest – Dan & Carole McCaskill

Community Centre:

Automated Teller Machine – Sean Ovington
Bar Steward & Scheduling – Tricia Peever
Fundraising – FHCA Executive
Facebook Page – Tricia Peever & Sarah Hanniman
Grounds-keeping – Vacant
Hall Bookings – Pat Antler
Hall Cleaning – Andrew Reid
Membership Drive – FHCA Executive
Memorial Park – Karen Taylor
Outdoor Rink Ice-Making – Andrew Reid
Peeper Newsletter – Adam Brown
Scholarship Program – FHCA Executive
Web Site – Adam Brown


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