President’s Report

Highlights of 2018/2019

Fitzroy Harbour Community Association 2019 AGM


  • Our major event of the year, Harbour Days was held in July. Once again, the event was well attended and successful. We appreciate the hard work by the organizing committee and the volunteers. Thanks to Campbell Fuels for sponsoring this event. This is a major fundraiser for the FHCA. The 2019 edition of Harbour Days will be July 4-6.
  • Winter Carnival in February was another successful event thanks to our volunteers. We had a good crowd for trivia night. Thanks again to all volunteers involved.
  • FHCA volunteers also organized Family Halloween Party (October), Christmas Craft Fair (November), Children’s Christmas Party and community New Year’s Eve Party (December). Thanks to all organizers who made these possible.
  • Our sports fields were busy with regular bookings and hosted events including Fitzroy Men’s Fastball League annual tournament and the annual Fitzroy Soccer Club adult tournament.
  • In addition to private bookings such as weddings, funerals, and other gatherings, the hall also hosted other public events such as the municipal election polling station, the provincial election polling station, federal Member of Parliament “Town Hall”, Ontario Federation of Agriculture dinner, St George’s Holy Hops Brewfest, and St Michael’s euchre afternoons.
  • Going forward in 2019 our hall is well booked and is busy in the upcoming months with private events.
  • We are looking at hosting a “Spring Fling” event this May. We will announce the date once confirmed.
  • Thanks to our volunteer bartenders who help with working our events at our community centre.
  • This year, we added an ATM to the hall in May, so that people who need cash at an event have an option to withdraw funds. It was well used at our events.


  • Programs offered through the FHCA include the following. Thanks to our volunteers and parents for organizing:
    • Children’s Outdoor Hockey League (sponsored by Mattamy Homes)
    • Shinny and Public Skating
    • Minor Softball (sponsored by Climatize HVAC)
  • The FHCA hosted the children’s drop-in camp at the hall this past summer for the ninth consecutive summer. We intend to host this again in 2019.
  • Other programs offered through other groups using the Community Centre fields and hall include:
    • Men’s League Softball
    • Women’s League Softball
    • Competitive Men’s Softball
    • Competitive Boys’ Softball
    • Adult Soccer
    • Youth Soccer
    • Seniors club
    • Youth Connexion
    • Friday night Darts
    • City of Ottawa programs
  • This year we had an excellent skating season on our outdoor rink. We were open for 75 days, and there were very few days for which the rink had to be closed due to weather. We had excellent community support for the rink canteen volunteer program, including parents from the outdoor hockey league. Thanks to all volunteers that worked a shift as this helps us obtain an extra grant from the City of Ottawa.
  • Our softball diamonds and soccer fields were in great shape this past summer thanks to the hard work of our grounds keeping crew and our new ball diamond groomer.
  • 2018 FHCA Scholarship recipients were Jack Jefferies, Emily Roper and Liam Mayhew.

Community Centre Projects

  • The FHCA continues every year to take on projects or acquisitions to improve our facility. This year we purchased a new ball diamond grooming machine thanks to a City of Ottawa grant.
  • This year we intend to install safety netting on the “B” ball diamond.
  • The City of Ottawa has advised us that we will be getting a new floor installed in September.


  • In 2018, the FHCA employed part time employees for hall bookings, hall and rink maintenance as well as grounds maintenance. The FHCA also provided employment for 19 seasonal students for work at the canteen, on the grounds and at the day camp.
  • We would like to recognize long time employee Wendy Mayhew, who decided to step down in 2018 and thank her for her many years of service.
  • Our new hall booking coordinator is Pat Antler. Our hall and rink maintenance employee is Andrew Reid.
  • Kevin Mayhew was our outdoor maintenance coordinator and he too has stepped down. We are looking to hire a new employee for this role.


  • We continue to use multiple ways to keep in touch with the community and update our membership. These include the website, the Fitzroy Harbour Community Association Facebook page, as well as our special occasion paper flyers distributed by postal mail.
  • The FHCA also uses an email distribution list to over 400 recipients to send out the Peeper electronically and send updates to “Harbourites” using “MailChimp”.


  • Most people purchase their memberships when registering their children for sports. Others purchase membership when they rent the hall. Some go through our online membership system to purchase through PayPal.
  • We would like to see more community residents show their support for the FHCA by purchasing a membership. Memberships are available tonight at the AGM or can be purchased online at

In Memoriam

  • Unfortunately, one of our Past Presidents, Ted Devine died in 2018.

Updates to pricing

  • We are updating our pricing for our hall rentals. New pricing is now available on
  • We are also looking to increase our bar prices for the first time in many years.


Treasurer’s Report – 2017/2018

The FHCA financial year end is December 31. Our books will be sent shortly to our bookkeeper to review and prepare our statements, which will be available for submission to the City and for members to review going forward.

Despite our official books not being ready for 2018, we can provide some high level financial information. Statements are also available upon request for our most recent financials completed by our bookkeeper for 2017.


The FHCA was fortunate to receive several grants in 2018. (all numbers approximate):

City of Ottawa:

  • Operating Grant: $40.2K
  • Rink Grant: $4.8K
  • Rural Community grant for new diamond groomer: $5K
  • Government of Canada for day camp employee: $3.5K
  • Hydro One for ball diamond improvement: $0.5K

Other major sources of revenue included our bar and canteen sales ($57.6K gross sales) field and hall rentals ($12.2K), program and membership fees ($11.8K).

The new ATM installed at the hall has been a great addition, providing an option for those that did not bring cash. The fees brought in were approximately equal to the expense of having the machine on site.

Total revenue was approximately $153.9K.


Our staff expenses were $63.7K in wages and employment costs.

Bar and canteen expenses were $38.6K.

Program expenses were $7.5K

We spent $5.1K on our new diamond groomer.

Overall, our cash expenses were approximately $142.2K.


The FHCA is in a good financial position with approximately $80.8K in operating funds in the bank at year-end and a long-term investment fund for capital improvement at approximately $46K.

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