President’s & Treasurer’s Report

Fitzroy Harbour Community Association 2021 AGM

President’s Report


  • Unfortunately, with the COVID 19 Pandemic, our hall has not been open since mid-March 2020.
  • Even our 2020 Annual General Meeting was postponed. We attempted to reschedule for October, and that got postponed too.
  • We hope to be able to get back to our many events we would normally host at the community centre once public health regulations permit.


  • All programs over the past year were cancelled. There was some casual use of the ball diamonds and soccer fields but some groups who made donations to the FHCA, but other than there have not been formal activities whatsoever.
  • We did have a skating season on our outdoor rink, with an unsupervised rink and the change rooms closed.
  • We hope to be able to offer a softball program this spring for kids, possibly in a modified format if necessary.
  • We also hope to be able to rent our fields out as we normally would, if rules permit.

Community Centre Projects

  • There were no major community centre projects in 2020, though we did do some repairs and clean up of our outdoor deck area.
  • The City has advised that they will be replacing our furnace system as our old heating system is in need of repair.


  • In a normal year, we would have approximately 20 employees for grounds maintenance, hall bookings, hall cleaning and the canteen. Given the pandemic, our staff has been reduced significantly.
  • Our hall booker and hall cleaner only worked for the first three months of 2020.
  • We hired a new groundskeeper for the summer season – Dale Hopper. There were two students who worked with him. We also had Andrew Reid and his helper work on the rink.
  • We hope to be in a position going forward after we get through the pandemic to hire back staff.


  • We continue to try to use multiple ways to keep in touch with the community and update our membership. These include the website and the Fitzroy Harbour Community Association Facebook page.
  • The FHCA also uses an email distribution list to over 400 recipients to send out the Peeper electronically and send updates to “Harbourites” using “MailChimp”.


  • Despite the pandemic, we still awarded our Scholarship. Owen Brown and Jacob Gagnon both received $500 towards their post-secondary expenses.


  • We appreciate those who took the time to purchase FHCA memberships this past year even though were not able to offer any programming or bookings.

Treasurer’s Report

The FHCA financial year end is December 31. Our books will be sent shortly to our bookkeeper to review and prepare our statements, which will be available for submission to the City and for members to review going forward.

Despite our official books not being ready for 2020, we can provide some high-level financial information. Statements are also available upon request for our most recent financials completed by our bookkeeper for 2019.

Despite the pandemic and a drastic reduction in revenue, we also had a large decrease in expenses. The FHCA is still in good financial shape.


Our grants for 2020 were as follows:

City of Ottawa:

  • Operating Grant: $41.1K
  • Rink Grant: $4 K

Other sources of revenue in the first three months of the year included our bar and canteen sales ($7.3K gross sales) and field and hall rentals ($1.1K).

Total revenue was approximately $56.2K in 2020, down about $100K from a “normal” year.


Our staff expenses were $28.2K in wages and employment costs, about a 1/3 of a normal year.

Bar and canteen expenses were $4.6K.

Other expenses include phone, internet, grounds expenses, and our scholarship.

Overall, our cash expenses were approximately $46.7K.


The FHCA is in a good financial position with approximately $88.8K in operating funds in the bank at year-end and a long-term investment fund for capital improvement at approximately $46K.

Going forward, we have received our first installment of our operating grant from our partners at the City of Ottawa. We are unsure whether further installments will be affected by the pandemic, but we are protected by our good financial position.


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