Hall Rental

The facility is managed on behalf of the City of Ottawa by the Fitzroy Harbour Community Association. The hall and recreation facilities are available to rent, subject to availability.

Rental General Information – 2022 rates

MAIN HALL with kitchen

Member Rental Rates:

  • Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Night $175.00
  • Other Weeknights $140.00
  • Afternoon or Morning $100.00

Non-Member Rental Rates:

  • $50.00 more than the Member rates listed above for evenings
  • $25.00 more than the Member rates during the day

Advance Decorating and Set Up:

  • If you want to book the day before your event for set up and decorating the cost is $100.00
  • Otherwise, if on the day before your event the hall is available, you may be permitted to decorate at a cost of $25.00

Hall Capacity:

  • 204 with tables set up
  • 300 with no tables set up


  • A minimum 50% deposit of the total rental cost is due 90 days in advance of the event in order to confirm booking date
  • Balance is due 30 days prior to the event
  • Payment can be made via PayPal, eTransfer, cheque or cash.

Rental Insurance:

  • Mandatory for Stag & Does – the cost varies by the number of people in attendance and if alcohol is being served. For example, with alcohol, it is $135 for 26-100 people and $243.00 for 101-250 people for $2,000,000.00 in coverage.
  • Other events the rates depend on the type of event and number of people attending.

For more information, email hallrental@fitzroyharbour.com or call 613-623-5241.

For the rental application form, please click here: FHCA Rental Package (PDF)